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Machine: PT8DXW Aero Cover: PT8DXC
Approx. 1050mm (W) x 500mm (D) x 1080-1270mm (H)
Approx. 56kg/123lb
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Series Overview

Yonex String

YONEX STRINGING TEAM Worldwide support to the world's top players.

The Yonex Stringing Team is proud to support the world's top players at the major tournaments. Our stringers work constantly during every tournament making sure that players' racquets are precisely strung so they perform at their best.

Yonex’s high-performance PT8 Deluxe stringing machine is specially made to meet the demands of the world-class Yonex Stringing Team. The machine allows highly-skilled technicians to string with the utmost of accuracy so players can compete at their highest level at tournaments. The new PT8 Deluxe features design improvements focusing on the four elements critical to carrying out high-quality stringing.

Aero Cover sold separately and is not included with the stringing machine.