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SONICAGE 2: A lightweight shoe focused on comfort

21 November 2019

TOKYO - Yonex Co., Ltd is proud to announce the new POWER CUSHION SONICAGE 2, launching January 18, 2020. 

Weighing less than 300g and designed with a focus on comfort, the SONICAGE 2 is a lightweight shoe designed with DURABLE SKIN and and an extended TPU shank that provide more speed and stability.  

A 4E model is available for wide feet, providing optimal comfort and support, while the clay court model features a new pinpoint outsole pattern that maximizes gripping for optimal slides. 


1. Functional Upper: Soft and comfortable, yet durable.

DURABLE SKIN is used in the upper section of the shoe with varied directional stripes designed to increase the flexibility in the forefoot. The variance in stripe direction serves to reinforce and strengthen agile movement while maintaining comfort and durability. 

Functional Upper

2. TPU Shank and POWER CUSHION +: Faster footwork and improved stability.

By extending the TPU Shank from the middle to the forefoot, a more explosive force is created from the synergy of the TPU Shank and POWER CUSHION+ for agile footwork. 

TPU Shank

3. POWER CUSHION +: Increased shock absorption and repulsion

POWER CUSHION + is Yonex’s proprietary ‘light and fatigue-reducing’ material. POWER CUSHION + has a 28%*1 increase in shock absorption and a 62%*2 increase in repulsion when compared to conventional cushioning material (EVA). A raw egg can be dropped from 12 meters above a POWER CUSHION™+ mat, rebounding to a height of 6 meters without breaking*3. POWER CUSHION™ + also provides 25%*3 better shockabsorption, and a 12%*4 boost in repulsion.


*1 Tested by Japan Vehicle Inspection Association *2 Tested by the BOKEN Quality Evaluation Institute (Based on JIS standards). *3 Tested by Yonex *4 Measured by the Japan Vehicle Inspection Association.